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Traffic Control

Traffic Control Person (TCP-01): This course is designed to provide participants with the basic understanding of traffic control procedures and the uniform requirements for controlling traffic in work zones or roadways. Traffic control is used to protect all workers and motorists through the regulation of traffic flow and stop traffic when needed. Traffic control allows construction work to be completed safely and efficiently.

Training Objectives: This course is designed to meet and exceed compliance with The Occupational Health and Safety Act, O.Reg. 213/91- Construction Projects (Traffic Control) and Ontario Traffic Manual- Book 7 (Temporary Conditions).

Training Modules Include:

  1. Review Ontario Occupational Health & Safety regulations regarding worker safety
  2. Review of Ontario Construction Regulations
  3. Use of Traffic Control Persons (TCP)
  4. Hazards of Traffic Control
  5. Traffic Control Person Qualifications
  6. TCP Signage
  7. TCP Positioning & Procedures

Training Evaluation:
Written evaluation at the end of the course with evaluation of class participation throughout this
4-hour course.  A record of training is provided an uploaded as a digital record. Course certification is valid for 3-years.

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