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Field Support Services

Field support programmes are designed with the client’s needs in mind and are tailored to achieve maximum results and analysis with minimum resources.

  • Safety Programme Auditing
  • Behaviour Based Safety Observation/Analysis
  • Meetings: toolbox talks; safety meetings status updates, etc.
  • Site Safety Inspections, scheduled and impromptu
  • Atmospheric testing, general area and confined space
  • Contract Enforcement
  • Accident Reporting and Investigation
  • Safety Statistics – monitoring coordination, interpretation
  • Liaison with OSH – Construction inspectors
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Safety Progress Reports
  • On Site Rescue Training and support
  • Training in all aspects of Occupational Safety
  • Confined space and hot work management on new work
  • Facilitation, meetings, critical task procedures, training
  • On site gas testing, spark watch, work permit monitoring
  • Marine safety meetings & training
  • On site safety specialist
  • Complete fire safety planning & documentation