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Nursing Services

  • Nursing for construction projects or any other industries/companies – supply nursing services on-site to maintain injury and claims management and reduce the possibility of recordable injuries and lost time incidents.
  • Health Fairs – come into your workplace and provide health assessment and teaching in order to produce healthier, more productive employees – long-term benefits include reducing absenteeism, reducing presenteeism and reducing health insurance premiums.
  • Safety meetings/health teaching– prepare and/or present safety meetings to your employees on either a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis – or whichever timeline works best for your company.
  • Consulting for injuries and claims management – assist with claims management to make your WSIB costs more manageable.  Unsure of an injury or claim?  Call and we can help.
  • Setting up first aid centres – come into your workplace or construction site setting and set up an OH&SA approved first aid centre.
  • D&A Testing
  • Health & Safety Program set up and maintenance – set up a Health & Safety manual and program for your company that will include specific policies and procedures tailored to your business.
  • Assist in preparing for audits i.e. IEC audit – Workwell or IEC audit coming up?  Or the MOL came for a visit and they have written orders?  We can assist you in making sure your existing program is working for you and your workers and meeting MOL requirements.
  • Bill 168, an Act to amend the Occupational Health & Safety Act with respect to violence and harassment in the workplace – is your workplace prepared?  This comes into effect on 15th June 2010 and workplaces with more than 5 regular employees will be required to have all the necessary policies, programs, measures and procedures in place by the 15th June in order to comply with the recent amendments – we can help you prepare.
  • In-Home Personal Care/Nursing
  • Home Care