Equipment Rentals

We sell and rent out safety, gas testing, medical and rescue equipment on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to trained people in the field.  We also provide training to your personnel. 


Continuously monitoring for 4, 3 or 2 hazardous gases, GasAlertMax sets the standard for ease of use, reliability and effective protection.

The intelligent GasAlertMax with optional datalogging capabilities provides thorough instrument status diagnostics and advice. Powered by a Black & Decker VersaPak battery (available at local stores), GasAlertMax delivers maximum protection and excellent cost of ownership advantages.  

BW Defender2

With real-time displays of H2S, CO, O2 and combustibles present, the BW Defender2 provides comprehensive protection with excellent cost of ownership advantages. Automatic calibration, advanced sensor technology and optional datalogging minimize maintenance and training costs. 

TMX412 Multi-Gas Monitor

Ideal for any environment requiring reliable multi-gas monitoring, the TMX412 is the industry's most recognized instrument. Compact and easy to use, the TMX412 delivers peak performance in even the harshest working environments.