Curtis Buffett

Safety Specialist


Experience in Oil & Gas field:

       Precision Well Servicing ( Oil & Gas wells)  two years’ experience.   Pure Energy Services (Flowing Oil/Gas wells) and Weatherford Production Testing (five years’ experience) performing well servicing and production testing for third party companies: Husky, Conoco Philips, Petro Canada, etc.

        Curtis has been hired to work with other companies from Wire Line (down hole tools) to fracturing companies, snubbing companies, slick line companies, down hole tool companies, etc.  Created safe  procedures with heavy duty equipment on oil wells and gas wells.   I have furthered my education in the oil field by becoming a Well Production Tester and have flowed production natural gas, H2S, methane gas, and oil wells.  My education and work experience has given me so many opportunities and knowledge from working with: high pressure pipe 10000 psi; flowing production wells threw high pressure manifolds (5000 psi and 10000 psi) and chokes, depending on pressure recovered. Operated other equipment needed to maintain production; pipeline heaters;  high pressure tanks 7500psi to 1000 psi;  Tex-steam pumps (with methanol injection) to prevent hydrates ( perform calculations to prevent hydrate`s (ice plugs) in pipelines)  Operated  Barton Meter and electronic equipment to read gas rates, flow rates, shipped fluid under pressure to 400bbl tanks while burning gases threw a 60 foot or a 150 foot flare stack ; operated sometimes two flare stacks together, maintaining certain amounts of back pressure in Pressured  tanks (filled with production fluid and gas)  to keep Oil and/or Gas well in production and not to over pressure tank which could kill Oil/Gas Well production and blow PRV (pressure relief valve).  Also flowed wells into live pipelines; worked with and operated Vapor Combustion Units  when temperatures required propane to supply heat and/or keep pilot lite on top of flare stack on H2S wells.  Operating and perform maintenance on pumps, catadynes etc. H2S wells required De gassers (scrubber) to be operated when shipping fluid and operated at different pressures.  If not  you could send H2S around work area.  Serviced and operated regulators, gate valves, needle valves, MOV`s, quarter turn valves, BOP`s.

Certifications & Designations

Accident & Incident Investigation
Asbestos Awareness
Basic Safety Orientation
Basic Scaffold Safety
Behaviour Based Safety
Case Management
Confined Space Entry
Confined Space Entry & Rescue
CPR / First Aid / AED
Emergency Preparedness
Environmental Protection
Fall Arrest / Protection
Fall Protection Training
Fluke Meter
Fresh Air Supply Training
Gas Test Certification
Ground Disturbance For Supervisors
H2S Awareness
Hazard Identification Training
Industrial Firefighting - Basic
Instructional Techniques
IOL - P&D Site Orientation
IOL - PDM Reviews
IOL Contractor Safety Orientation
Joint Health & Safety Committees
JSA Writing & Auditing
Lockout / Tagout
Machine Guarding
Near Miss Reporting
Observation Based Safety
Permit Writing
Petroleum Oriented Safety Training
Respirator Fit Testing & Training
Root Cause Analysis
Safe Driving
Safe Work Permit Training
Safety & Health Law
Safety Watch
Supervisor Training
Supervisor Training For Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Supplied Air / Respirator Fit Testing - SABA/SCBA
Tank Cleaning Safety Procedures
Transportation Of Dangerous Goods
Unique Leadership & Coaching Skills
WHMIS Refresher
Work Permit Training
Workers Health & Safety
Working At Heights

Key Skills

Above Ground Tank Cleaning
Asbestos Removals
Building Maintenance
Pinning Legs
Ground Repair
Pipeline Installation
Piping Modifications
Tank Maintenance
New Tank Construction
High Angle Rescue
Piping Modifications
IFR Replacement
Plan Critical Lifts
Confined Space Rescue
Lifting Tanks
Rack Repairs
Electrical Installations
Stair & Walkway Repair


Parralegal diploama at Cape breton univesity  ( 2 years)
Occupational Heath & Safety Certificate ( 1year at Nova Scotia community college)
1 Year at dalhousie university in business,  1 year at dalhousie university in sciences
Electrical Apprentice Certificate

Job History

IOL Experiences…

Worked with cranes- lifted tanks, installed spool piping over pipelines, lift equipment over power lines, use of crane in aerospace guidelines…

Lifted tanks, installed floors and removed floors, electrical work, confined space entry, working at heights.

Installation and removal of gauge valves, water sumps, IFR (inter floating roofs), cut walls in tanks for access and re-installed walls.

Multiple tasks with tank inspectors on floors, roofs and walls.

Hydro tested  with fluid/water on multiple tanks.

Work with welders,  constructing and fabricating  multiple fluid sample units on tanks, replacing floors, stairs, welding plates on tank floors, fabrication of equipment…

Installed MOV`s, performed lockout/tagouts on pipelines and equipment ( electrical, sample units, )

Cement work, excavation, completely removed and built new ethanol offloading rack and installations of pump at Finch Ontario)

Fabrication of bio diesel additive Winnipeg

Working at heights on rail equipment at rail racks.

Water and soil samples around tank farms with contractors.

Removing epoxy liners on tank floors using multiple sand blasting equipment with correct water jets.

Installation of permanent lights on top and bottom of multiple Fluid Tanks.

 Performed confined space on vapour combustion unit, fixed pressure release valves, 

High pressure water blasting and sand blasting.

Installation of sump pumps, junction boxes and complete termination and installation of wiring.

Pavement removal and re paving inside terminals.

Concrete removal , cutting with concrete saw and use of mobile equipment.

Operation of rig rats (bump test and monitor),  writing hot/cold & confined space permits. Rig rats set up and monitor/operate  three rig rats at one  time on tank 1151

     Sand blasting on tank floor (1151) in Toronto, welding operations on stairs, tank roofs, floors                                                                                                                                             

Level  1 and 2 Ground Disturbance to work as OWSR (Onsite Worker Safety Representative).

OWSR work in Alberta, Multiple pipelines installing Cathodic Protection,  excavation operations, backfilling etc….

Exposed 10 pipelines to expose and work on one pipeline;  excavator operations, Back hoe operations, Hydro vac, and repaired piping, removed yellow jacket, installed new sleeve, welded on live pipeline, wrapped pipeline with sto-paq, backfilled pipeline,  removed soil from IOL property as instructed...

Cathodic Protection installation on multiple pipelines

Experienced  pig being installed in pipeline, then pressured up with air and/or nitrogen and sent down pipeline. Monitored pressures and went to end of pipeline, bleed of pressure and removed pig from pipeline and inspected pig. Work various task on sending pigs down pipeline: Smart pig, pig cups, bi-directional medium density pig, pig launchers, pig catchers, inspection of pipelines,  foam pigs,,,

Worked with Holiday testers, inspected multiple pipelines.

Working at heights, excavations, vacuum trucks, electrical work, electrical code requirements

Installation of MOV`s, gate valves, Barton meters, pressure tests on piping with fluid and nitrogen, high pressure gas.

Welding inside valve stations, terminals and refinery`s

Transcona Valve station, drilled new pipeline, pulled new pipeline threw drilled hole, pressure tested pipeline with methanol/water  50/50 mixture.

Transcona Valve station, lock out/ tag out, flipped  blind spectacles,  opening process equipment, nitrogen purge ( sending plastic pig with tracing device down Shell`s pipeline to remove fluid in pipeline).  Cut pipeline, install foam pig and dry ice plug, welded newly drilled  pipeline to existing pipeline. Install new gate valves, MOV`s and pig launcher on Shell`s new pipeline.

Nitrogen purge and abandoned a pipeline.  Removed abandoned pipelines.  LOCKED OUT TAGGED OUT Cathodic Protection before doing this work…

Gretna, Winnipeg.  Entered Confined space, top of Tank 940102, Tank 940102 was full of fuel and crew then installed pins to operation position on IFR (internal floating roof).

Terminal Job History

Toronto - Finch



Instructor In Courses