John Hennessey

Safety Specialist


TGH Safety Consulting Inc Tel: 519 383 7655  
  800 Campbell Street, Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 2J7. Fax: 519 383 9901  
John Hennessey   Cell: 519 330 7271
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John has been with TGH Safety Consulting for the last 5 years doing work for Imperial Oil, Suncor and Algoma Central. John has recently been working as a Safety Advisor for Suncor in various locations across Canada. When in the office John is responsible for TGH  inventory, calibrating equipment, repairs and tracking where all the equipment is in the field.  John is also a technician for gas testing Algoma boats and also involved in fit testing contractors.   He takes care of shipping and receiving for employees in the field, making sure they have equipment so the jobs can get done.

Key Skills & Job History
Above Ground Tank Cleaning Excavations Pinning Legs New Tank Construction
Asbestos Removals Ground Repair Pipeline Installation Stair & Walkway Repair
Building Maintenance IFR Replacement Piping Modifications Structural Steel Install
Confined Space Rescue Insulation Installation Plan Critical Lifts Tank Maintenance
Electrical Installations Lifting Tanks Plant Decommissioning  
Certifications & Designations
Asbestos Awareness CPR / First Aid / AED Lockout / Tagout Behaviour Based Safety
Basic Safety Orientation Fall Arrest / Protection Near Miss Reporting Safe Work Permit Training
Confined Space Entry & Rescue Fork Lift Truck Training Observation Based Safety Safety Health & The Law
Emergency Preparedness Gas Test Certification Permit Writing Safety Health & The Law
Instructional Techniques Hazard Identification Training PPE Safety Watch
IOL - PDM Reviews IOL - P&D Safety Orientation Respirator Fit Testing & Training Supervisor Training
JSA Writing & Auditing Lift Truck Operator Root Cause Analysis Tank Cleaning Safety Procedures
Supplied Air / Respirator Fit Testing - SABA / SCBA Transportation Of Dangerous Goods WHMIS  & WHMIS Refresher Workers Health & Safety
Additional Accomplishments
Hydra-Vac Excavator operator.
Hot Work Safety Watch.
Continuous Atmospheric Monitoring.
ATCS / OSSR Job History
Belleville – July 2010 - Ethanol Tank Installation job.  Built new dyke area.  Safety advisor for building forms and pouring concrete. Responsible for LPO’s and Daily reports sent to PM. Job included Gas testing, cosigning permits and JSA coaching.
Regina – Oct  2010 - Floor replacement on 120’ tank.  Use of air bags and channel steel to move tank over top of new floor and then use of the same system to move it back into place. Special rollers were used in this application to move the whole tank without the use of crane.  Responsible for ensuring LPS was used and Daily reports sent to PM.  Also performed  BBS  and JSA’S daily.
Winnipeg – Nov 2010 - Tank foundation replacement and PLC upgrade.  Welding supports. Daily Reports, BBS, LPS, and JSA coaching.
Kingston - June 2011 - Tank 7 upgrades and repairs - Relining floor with epoxy liner, upgrade sample points and railings for tank.  Welding new sample ports as well as new hand rails. Responsible for BBS’s and JSA’s daily.
Kamloops – Aug- Feb 2012 - Tank 80001 upgrades and repairs.  Replaced bottom 3 feet of shell and floor replacement as well as upgrades to railings, roof vents and internal floating roof.  Welding supports to column for lifting tank columns.  Review Rescue Plan, Checking over all reports from MPI – X-RAY.  Use of Air bags to lift and level tank. 
Terminal Job History
IOL - Regina, SK. Suncor - Kamloops, BC.        
IOL - Winnipeg, MB. Suncor - Montreal, QC.        
IOL - Belleville, ON. Suncor - Saskatoon, SK.        
IOL - Toronto, Finch, ON.          
IOL Refinery - Nanticoke, ON.          
IOL - Sarnia, ON.          
IOL - Sault Ste Marie, ON.          
Other Categories
English Native Speaker
French Conversational

Certifications & Designations

Accident & Incident Investigation
Asbestos Awareness
Basic Safety Orientation
Basic Scaffold Safety
Behaviour Based Safety
Case Management
Confined Space Entry
Confined Space Entry & Rescue
CPR / First Aid / AED
Emergency Preparedness
Fall Arrest / Protection
Fall Protection Training
Fluke Meter
Fresh Air Supply Training
Gas Test Certification
Ground Disturbance For Supervisors
Hazard Identification Training
IOL - P&D Site Orientation
IOL - PDM Reviews
IOL Contractor Safety Orientation
JSA Writing & Auditing
Lockout / Tagout
Near Miss Reporting
Observation Based Safety
Permit Writing
Respirator Fit Testing & Training
Root Cause Analysis
Safe Driving
Safe Work Permit Training
Safety & Health Law
Safety Watch
Supervisor Training
Supplied Air / Respirator Fit Testing - SABA/SCBA
Transportation Of Dangerous Goods
W@H Facilitator
WHMIS Facilitator
WHMIS Refresher
Work Permit Training
Workers Health & Safety
Working At Heights

Key Skills

Terminal Job History



Instructor In Courses

Working at Heights