Jeff Ens

Safety Specialist


Jeff started his construction experience as an ironworker, working on projects in the construction field on potash and energy sites that vary from Mosaic, PCS, Cenoves and Encana.  He has extensive experience in different types of construction, both commercial and industrial.  Jeff has been a Safety Specialist for approximately 3 years now, starting his career on projects for Imperial Oil Ltd with Safety Tech and now currently with TGH Safety Consulting.  He has extensive experience with developing and coaching workers in the development of the JSA and FLHA, implementing Behaviour Based Safety Tools, Programs and Risk Management, building and taking place in the development of Emergency Response Plans and Procedures.  Jeff has excellent communication and leadership skills, works very well in the field, coaching workers in identifying and mitigating hazards. 

Certifications & Designations

Accident & Incident Investigation
Asbestos Awareness
Basic Safety Orientation
Basic Scaffold Safety
Behaviour Based Safety
Case Management
Confined Space Entry
Confined Space Entry & Rescue
CPR / First Aid / AED
Emergency Preparedness
Fall Arrest / Protection
Fall Protection Training
Fluke Meter
Fresh Air Supply Training
Gas Test Certification
Ground Disturbance For Supervisors
H2S Awareness
Hazard Identification Training
IOL - P&D Site Orientation
IOL - PDM Reviews
IOL Contractor Safety Orientation
JSA Writing & Auditing
Labour Legislation
Lockout / Tagout
Member Of The Canadian Society For Safety Engineering
Near Miss Reporting
Observation Based Safety
Permit Writing
Petroleum Oriented Safety Training
Respirator Fit Testing & Training
Root Cause Analysis
Safe Driving
Safe Work Permit Training
Safety & Health Law
Safety Watch
Supervisor Training
Supplied Air / Respirator Fit Testing - SABA/SCBA
Transportation Of Dangerous Goods
Unique Leadership & Coaching Skills
WHMIS Refresher
Work Permit Training
Workers Health & Safety
Working At Heights

Key Skills

Asbestos Removals
Building Maintenance
Dock Repairs
Electrical Installations
Ground Repair
IFR Replacement
Pipeline Installation
Piping Modifications
Plan Critical Lifts
Plant Decommissioning
Rack Repairs
Stair & Walkway Repair
Structural Steel Install
Tank Maintenance


Safety Management

Basic Training Techniques

H2S Alive

Leadership for Safety Excellence

Safety Auditor Training

Canadian Safety Training Systems (CSTS)

Contractor Training

Atmospheric Gas Monitoring

WHMIS Train The Trainer

Job History

1.    Building Maintenance
       - Knowledge of fire code
2.    Confined Space
       - Create rescue plans, complete with diagrams
       - Inspect confined space entry rescue equipment
       - Ensure all work parties are aware and trained for their responsibilities
3.    Electrical Installation
       - Actively participate in lock out tag out procedures
       - Upgrade main transformers on pipelines and distribution site
       - Ensure contractor tests for ZERO energy prior to starting job
       - Commission MOV’s
4.    Excavations
       - Ensure locates are done and contractor is aware of any issues
       - Ensure contractor has proper rescue gear
       - Ensure contractor does not leave excavation open to unauthorized people
5.    Ground Repair
       - Ensure equipment checklist are done
       - Review locate drawing
6.    Pipeline Installation
       - Decommission and commission piping
       - Gas free piping
       - Ensure proper gasketing
       - Ensure drawings are up to date
       - Help contractor complete JSEP’s
       - Install valves, MOV’s
7.    Plan Critical Lifts
       - Complete critical lift documentation
       - Review weight of load and crane lifting capacity charts
       - Crane inspections
       - Review lifting plan with crew
8.    Rack Repairs
9.    Stair and Walkway repair
       - Ensure repairs meet code
       - Ensure ‘as built’ drawings are maintained
10.  Tank Maintenance
       - Coach on Job Safety Analysis development
       - Review rescue plan
       - Ensure work being done meets API requirements
       - Repair/maintain water draw, high/low suction piping, internal ladders, internal floating roof, seals, pontoons, sample system
       - Install handrails
       - Tank commissioning
       - Internal floating roof float tests
       - Man way installations
11.  Soil Sampling
       - Work with drill rigs
       - Taking soil samples

Ethanol Upgrade


At Terminal 92 in Edmonton, The contractor performing excavations in preparation to install a floating pad for the ethanol offload, installation of pipeline spools on existing pipeline, electrical overhaul working in confined spaces, terminating into existing units.





Tank Maintenance and Inspections




Several Tank Maintenance and Inspection Projects putting tanks back into commission working in confined space as workers performing welding modifications inside of different sized tanks and on the pipeline, replacing Internal Floating Roofs and Double Wiper Seals.    X-Ray welds and Non Destructive Testing.




Barge Dock Reinforcement Project



Hydro vac operation to expose existing reinforcement to barge dock offload station, workers reinforcing the dock working in a confined space as they are applying the 1 ¼ inch steel cable and shackles.





Barge Manifold Relocation Project



Contractor welding and fabricating piping spools and flanges to relocate the manifold after removing approximately 1000 feet of 4 inch pipeline after purging. Double block and bleed and lockouts performed prior to tasks starting.




Electrical Upgrade Projects



Working on several electrical upgrades on different gas plants and terminals. Using a crane to lift pre engineered Mechanical Control Centers into position, installing different gauges of wiring and mounting cable tray, terminating and commissioning.








Pipeline Dig



Working in pipeline alley and neighboring refineries on Imperial Oils pipeline dig. Supervising crews up to 30 men, tasks performed on site were hydro-vac to expose pipelines to expose the defects and repair. Some had to be cut out, some were welding sleeves on live lines.









Spill Containment Project




Working in the rail yard of Strathcona Refinery, (HFO Bunker Rack)- Supervising a crew of approximately 25 men, welding and installing structural steel on an existing rack for pipefitters to come to site, rig and install their spools for an upgrade using a 10 ton crane. Electrical contractors had installed their cable and instruments prior to the mechanical and after a three-day shutdown to tie in the lines the Electrical contractor commissioned their electrical.















Terminal Job History

Calgary, AB.
Strathcona, AB.
Edmonton, AB.
Winnipeg, MB.
Gretna, MB.
Hay River, NT.
Inuvik, NWT.


English - Native Speaker

Instructor In Courses


2009 / CSO Certified / Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association