Tom Hennessey

Founder & President


Tom has worked in the petrochemical industry for the past 37 years.  He is experienced as a plant operator, plant safety specialist and since 1995 as an independent safety consultant to both industry and construction. Tom helped build and develop the local Industrial Education Cooperative where he designed and instructed many of the existing programs. Tom is a professional member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering and has been a safety specialist for twenty-five years. He has designed and implemented many safety training programs used in Canada and throughout the world today.  Tom’s greatest strength is in working with people at all levels of any organization to maximize their resources. Tom’s energy in the classroom transcends all others and it is said his energy can be felt in the building next door.

Certifications & Designations

Accident & Incident Investigation
Asbestos Awareness
Basic Safety Orientation
Basic Scaffold Safety
Behaviour Based Safety
Case Management
Confined Space Entry
Confined Space Entry & Rescue
CPR / First Aid / AED
Emergency Preparedness
Fall Arrest / Protection
Fall Protection Training
Fluke Meter
Fresh Air Supply Training
Gas Test Certification
Ground Disturbance For Supervisors
Hazard Identification Training
Industrial Firefighting - Advanced
Industrial Firefighting - Basic
Instructional Techniques
IOL - P&D Site Orientation
IOL - PDM Reviews
IOL Contractor Safety Orientation
JSA Writing & Auditing
Labour Councillor
Labour Legislation
Lift Truck Operator
Lockout / Tagout
Member Of The Canadian Society For Safety Engineering
Near Miss Reporting
Observation Based Safety
Permit Writing
Respirator Fit Testing & Training
Root Cause Analysis
Safe Driving
Safe Work Permit Training
Safety & Health Law
Safety Watch
Supervisor Training
Supervisor Training For Alcohol & Substance Abuse
Supplied Air / Respirator Fit Testing - SABA/SCBA
Tank Cleaning Safety Procedures
Transportation Of Dangerous Goods
Unique Leadership & Coaching Skills
W@H Facilitator
WHMIS Facilitator
WHMIS Refresher
Work Permit Training
Workers Health & Safety
Working At Heights
WSIB Form 7 Review

Key Skills

Above Ground Tank Cleaning
Pinning Legs
Structural Steel Install
Asbestos Removals
Ground Repair
Pipeline Installation
Tank Maintenance
Boiler Repair
High Angle Rescue
Piping Modifications
Underground Tank Cleaning
Building Maintenance
IFR Replacement
Plan Critical Lifts
Confined Space Rescue
Insulation Installation
Plant Decommissioning
Dock Repairs
Lifting Tanks
Rack Repairs
Electrical Installations
New Tank Construction
Stair & Walkway Repair


Program Developer - developing over 40 Health & Safety Programs now being used across the industry.

Safety Lead on 25+ Turnarounds over a 10 year period.

Safety Lead at a local plant for a major contractor employing over 1,000 employees for a 105 day turnaround.

Safety Lead in Alberta for two rotating Equipment Turnarounds.

Tom helped develop and start the Nanticoke Industrial Safety Training Centre.

Lead in the development of 6 x 40 Hour Safety Programs which are used to train Safety Specialists across India.

Job History

Working At Heights
  1. Setting up for roof entry to pin legs.
  2. Assist in planned rescue yearly site training.
  3. Review Ventilation procedures and set up to vent tanks
Decommissioning of tanks & review lockout procedure.
Cleaning of Above Ground Storage tanks including:
  1. Gasoline Storage Tanks
  2. Diesel Storage Tanks
  3. Comingle Tanks
  4. Stove Oil Tanks
  5. Jet Tanks
  6. Avgas Tanks
  7. Lube Tanks
Commissioning of Above Ground Storage Tanks
Decommission Underground Storage Tanks
Grounding and Bonding tanks for cleaning
Cleaning Underground Storage Tanks
  1. Gasoline Storage Tanks
  2. Diesel Storage Tanks
  3. Comingle Tanks
  4. Stove Oil Tanks
  5. Jet Tanks
  6. Avgas Tanks
  7. Lube Tanks
Commissioning Underground Storage Tanks
Tank Repairs (above ground tanks) Including:
  1. Lifting tanks to repair the floor  
  2. Repairs Pipes to and from tanks
  3. Using Mechanical plugs to isolate the lines for repair
  4. Repairs to Stairs on tanks
  5. Install new stairs on tanks
  6. Dismantle storage tanks
  7. Dismantle internal floating roofs
  8. Install internal floating roofs
  9. Replace beams inside storage tanks
 10. Build new Storage tanks
 11. Replacement of seals
Tanks Repairs (below ground storage tanks) Including:
  1.  Excavate old storage tanks
  2.  Install new storage tanks
  3.  Repair existing tanks
  4.  Repair linings in existing tanks.
  5.  Remove fuel from interstitial space of tanks
Working at Heights
  1.  Involved in the installing and dismantling of scaffolds
  2.  Working from scaffold to remove equipment from Tanks and reactors
  3.  Working from man-lift to prepare process lines for demolition
  4.  Working from scaffolds and man lifts painting tanks
  5.  Working from swing stage to paint tanks
  6.  Working from roofs doing various jobs on tanks
Install new metering system in pipeline Including:
  1.  Acquiring permits form several plants involved in the pipeline
  2.  Coordinating the shutdown of the pipeline for work
  3.  Handle lockout of pipeline to ensure it was isolated
Decommissioning of process unit, taking pumps out of commission for demolition to follow, pigging of lines using vacuum truck.
Shutting down terminals dismantling tanks, buildings etc.
Soil Sample Drilling  after using hydro-vac for location to drill and collecting of soil for samples.
Electrical Work - running of cable, installation of new MOV’S, security camera upgrade, fibre optic installation, new radar level devices, grounding rods installed, etc.
Equipment used during jobs include:
  1.  Bobcats
  2.  Man Lifts
  3.  Fork Lift
  4.  Tele Handlers
  5.  Vacuum trucks
  6.  Hydro Vacs
  7.  Compressors
  8.  Crane Trucks / Cranes / HI Abs / Pitman’s
  9.  High Pressure Water Blasters
 10.  Sand Blasters
 11.  Excavators
Involved in new piping modification including:
  1.  Field Welding
  2.  Shop Welding
  3.  Hot Taps
  4.  Pipe Demolition
  5.  Pipe Commissioning
Rework loading racks repairing and installing new equipment
Rework Electrical substation changing wiring
Install back flow preventers on terminals including:
  1.  Excavating lines using hydro vac
  2.  Excavating using excavator
  3.  Building Trench Box
  4.  Installing Trench Box

Terminal Job History

Sault Ste Marie
Sept lles
St George
North Bay
Corner Brook
Portage La Prairie Vermillion Bay
Prince George
Fort Macleod
Red Lake
Gull Lake


English - Native Speaker

Instructor In Courses

Accident & Incident Investigation
Basic Scaffold Safety
Root Cause Analysis
Asbestos Awareness
Fall Arrest / Protection
Machine Guarding
Safety, Health & The Law
Basic Safety Orientation
Fork Lift Truck Training
Near Miss Reporting
Safety Watch
Confined Space Entry
Gas Test Certification
Observation Based Safety
Supervisor Training
Crane Safety
Hazard Identification Training
Permit Writing
Supplied Air / Respirator Fit Testing - SABA / SCBA
Emergency Preparedness
Joint Health & Safety Committees
Pollution Prevention
Transportation Of Dangerous Goods
Environmental Protection
JSA Writing & Auditing
WHMIS & WHMIS Refresher
Safe Driving
Lockout / Tagout
Respirator Fit Testing & Training